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Guidelines for submitting photographs



1. Ownership

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the right to submit photos for publication. If you are not the owner or originator of the photo then you should have the permission of that person to submit the photos. Please note that any photos submitted in this way may be published in print and made available on line. The Connacht Tribune newspapers and will accept submitted photographs in good faith and will accept no liability for breaches of copyright or otherwise in respect of photographs submitted to them.

2. File types

Only JPEG files will be published online. This is the standard type produced by most cameras.

3. Captions

A photograph without a caption will not be published. Captions should be contained into the metadata of photographs rather than an accompaniment to photographs. This means that the caption becomes part of the photo and travels with the image all the time and therefore will not be separated from it. There are a number of free applications which will carry out this such as Adobe Photoshop Album Starter . Note that the current version of Picasa and Windows Photo Gallery do not embed the caption in the metadata of an image.

Accurate, comprehensive captions make searching for photos a lot easier.

4. Naming of photos

Where possible photos should be named with an obvious title, e.g. Salthill V Mervue U14 1.jpg.

5. Quality

The photographs should be of the highest quality possible on your camera. A team photograph taken on a small digital camera will not reproduce very well in the newspapers unless the camera is set to the highest possible quality.

6. Dates

You should ensure that the date setting on your camera is correct. Our system uses the date embedded in the metadata of the image to file photos in date order. If the date on your camera is wrong, your photos may be mis-filed.


Missing man may be in Galway City



Gardaí in Cork believe that a man missing from Midleton since last week may be in Galway City. are renewing their appeal for assistance in locating 53-year-old French man Christophe Goutte, is missing from his home in O’Brien Terrace, Midleton since Wednesday 15th January.

From enquiries to date it is understood that Christophe took a bus from Cork Bus Station that Wednesday and disembarked at 5.35pm in Galway City. He is living in Ireland for a number of years.

Christophe was last seen leaving work in Carrigtowhill, Co. Cork at approximately 11am on Wednesday 15th.

He is described as being 5″ 8′ in height, of stocky build with brown short hair and white skin with a sallow complexion. When last seen he was wearing a black coat, black pants, a black woollen hat and a brown pair of boots, he was carrying a dark coloured overall bag.

Gardaí are particularly appealing to those in the Galway city or surrounding areas to report any recent sightings of Christophe.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact Cobh Garda Station on 021 – 4908530, the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111, or any Garda Station

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City Central

City Central Recount: McDonagh eliminated



A complete re-examination and recount at the ninth count in Galway City Central has finished – and John McDonagh has been eliminated.

McDonagh, who called the re-count, and Green Party candidate Martina O’Connor, both were level on 768 votes after the ninth count, a recount.

The Labour man was behind by eight votes going into the recount, but the adjustment – increasing his tally by five votes – brought him up level with O’Connor.

When candidates are tied, it goes down to who had the higher first preference, which was O’Connor.

There were 21 adjustments to be made following the recount, among them were the discovery of six additional spoiled votes.

Ollie Crowe’s surplus to be distributed increased by one vote to 17.

Following the adjusted vote, Colette Connolly has 804; Frank Fahy has 931; Eddie Hoare has 1,109; O’Connor has 768, a downward adjustment of three votes; and Sharon Nolan has 788, a downward adjustment of six votes.

The quota has changed downwards by one, to 1,143 following the adjustment.

The recount began at 10.30am and the result was announced by Returning Officer Gary McMahon around 8.15pm.

McDonagh’s votes will now be distributed.

Galway City Central:
Electorate: 16,241
Total Poll: 8,146
Spoiled Votes: 150 (Revised up by 6 on recount)
Total Valid poll: 7,996 (Revised down by 6 on recount)
Quota: 1,143 (Revised down by 1 on recount)

First Count:
Byrne, Imelda FF 490
Connolly, Colette Ind 493
Corcoráin, Cormac Ó Aontú 429
Crowe, Ollie FF 1,008
Cubbard, Mike Ind 1,292 ELECTED
Fahy, Frank FG 694
Feeney, Patrick Ind 1
Geraghty, Mike Ind 243
Hoare, Eddie FG 854
Lohan, Mark SF 328
Loughnane, Joe PBP 377
McDonagh, John Lab 527
Nolan, Sharon SocDems 515
O’Connor, Martina Greens 544
O’Flaherty, Darragh Ind 83
O’Toole, James Ind 124
Cubbard elected

Distribution of Cubbard’s surplus:
Byrne, Imelda FF (+7) 497
Connolly, Colette Ind (+17) 510
Corcoráin, Cormac Ó Aontú (+5) 434
Crowe, Ollie FF (+16) 1,024
Cubbard, Mike Ind ELECTED
Fahy, Frank FG (+15) 709
Feeney, Patrick Ind (+1) 2
Geraghty, Mike Ind (+13) 256
Hoare, Eddie FG (+12) 866
Lohan, Mark SF (+8) 336
Loughnane, Joe PBP (+9) 386
McDonagh, John Lab (+20) 547
Nolan, Sharon SocDems (+10) 525
O’Connor, Martina Greens (+8) 552
O’Flaherty, Darragh Ind (+3) 86
O’Toole, James Ind (+4) 128
Non-transferable: 0
Patrick Feeney (Ind), Daragh O’Flaherty (Ind) and James O’Toole (Ind) eliminated.

Distribution of Feeney’s, O’Flaherty’s and O’Toole’s votes:
Byrne, Imelda FF (+19) 516
Connolly, Colette Ind (+16) 526
Corcoráin, Cormac Ó Aontú (+19) 453
Crowe, Ollie FF (+12) 1,036
Cubbard, Mike Ind ELECTED
Fahy, Frank FG (+12) 721
Geraghty, Mike Ind (+17) 273
Hoare, Eddie FG (+15) 881
Lohan, Mark SF (+6) 342
Loughnane, Joe PBP (+10) 396
McDonagh, John Lab (+32) 579
Nolan, Sharon SocDems (+9) 534
O’Connor, Martina Greens (+19) 571
Non-transferable: 30
Eliminated: Mike Geraghty
Geraghty’s 273 votes to be transferred

Distribution Geraghty’s votes:
Byrne, Imelda FF (+19) 535
Connolly, Colette Ind (+25) 551
Corcoráin, Cormac Ó Aontú (+28) 481
Crowe, Ollie FF (+17) 1,053
Cubbard, Mike Ind ELECTED
Fahy, Frank FG (+36) 757
Hoare, Eddie FG (+56) 937
Lohan, Mark SF (3) 345
Loughnane, Joe PBP (+17) 413
McDonagh, John Lab (+23) 602
Nolan, Sharon SocDems (+5) 539
O’Connor, Martina Greens (+19) 590
Non-transferable: 25
Eliminated: Mark Lohan
Lohan’s 345 votes to be transferred

Distribution of Lohan’s votes:
Byrne, Imelda FF (+16) 551
Connolly, Colette Ind (+39) 590
Corcoráin, Cormac Ó Aontú (+12) 493
Crowe, Ollie FF (+12) 1,065
Cubbard, Mike Ind ELECTED
Fahy, Frank FG (+23) 780
Hoare, Eddie FG (+14) 951
Loughnane, Joe PBP (+55) 468
McDonagh, John Lab (+34) 636
Nolan, Sharon SocDems (+37) 576
O’Connor, Martina Greens (+28) 618
Non-transferable: 75
Eliminated: Joe Loughnane

Distribution of Loughnane’s 468 votes:
Byrne, Imelda FF (+17) 568
Connolly, Colette Ind (+58) 648
Corcoráin, Cormac Ó Aontú (+24) 517
Crowe, Ollie FF (+7) 1,072
Cubbard, Mike Ind ELECTED
Fahy, Frank FG (+10) 790
Hoare, Eddie FG (+16) 967
McDonagh, John Lab (+20) 656
Nolan, Sharon SocDems (+165) 741
O’Connor, Martina Greens (+66) 684
Non-transferable: 85
Eliminated: Ó Corcoráin

Distribution of ó Corcoráin’s 517 votes:
Byrne, Imelda FF (+41) 609 eliminated
Connolly, Colette Ind (+53) 701
Crowe, Ollie FF (+88) 1,160 ELECTED
Cubbard, Mike Ind ELECTED
Fahy, Frank FG (+43) 833
Hoare, Eddie FG (+56) 1,023
McDonagh, John Lab (+38) 694
Nolan, Sharon SocDems (+21) 762
O’Connor, Martina Greens (+36) 720
Non-transferable: 141
Eliminated: Byrne

Eighth COUNT:
Distribution of Byrne’s 609 votes:
Connolly, Colette Ind (+99) 800
Crowe, Ollie FF (+88) 1,160 ELECTED
Cubbard, Mike Ind ELECTED
Fahy, Frank FG (+94) 927
Hoare, Eddie FG (+85) 1,108
McDonagh, John Lab (+65) 759
Nolan, Sharon SocDems (+31) 793
O’Connor, Martina Greens (+49) 769
Non-transferable: 186
Ollie Crowe’s surplus of 16 to be distributed

Distribution of Crowe’s surplus of 16 votes:
Connolly, Colette Ind (+3) 803
Crowe, Ollie FF ELECTED
Cubbard, Mike Ind ELECTED
Fahy, Frank FG (+4) 931
Hoare, Eddie FG (+2) 1,110
McDonagh, John Lab (+4) 763
Nolan, Sharon SocDems (+1) 794
O’Connor, Martina Greens (+2) 771
Non-transferable: 0
Eliminated: John McDonagh
McDonagh has called for a full recount

Connolly, Colette Ind (+3) 804
Crowe, Ollie FF ELECTED
Cubbard, Mike Ind ELECTED
Fahy, Frank FG (+5) 931
Hoare, Eddie FG (+2) 1,109
McDonagh, John Lab (+4) 768
Nolan, Sharon SocDems (+1) 788
O’Connor, Martina Greens (+2) 768
Non-transferable: 0
Eliminated: John McDonagh LAB

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City Central

City Central recount to commence at 10.30am



A full recount of the votes in the Galway City Central electoral area gets underway at 10.30am today (Monday).

A recall was called by Labour’s John McDonagh, who was eliminated on the ninth count yesterday.

Returning Officer Gary McMahon agreed to a full recheck and recount, after Mr McDonagh finished eight votes behind Martina O’Connor of the Green Party.

Assuming there is no change once a recount is completed, Mr McDonagh’s 763 votes will be distributed between the remaining candidates.

There are five candidates vying for the final four seats. Fine Gael’s Eddie Hoare and Frank Fahy, with 1,110 and 931 votes respectively, should be elected to the third and fourth seats.

Then it’s a battle between three women on the Left for two seats: Independent Colette Connolly (803), Social Democrat Sharon Nolan (794) and Green Party Martina O’Connor (771).

Geography suggests O’Connor and Connolly, both Shantalla, will attract their fair share of McDonagh’s transfers. Connolly is a former Labour Party councillor, and so those Labour votes could come back to her; although the Green wave could benefit O’Connor.

The Social Democrats have proven transfer friendly in this election, and Nolan has a 23-votes lead over O’Connor, giving her a decent chance of taking a seat.

It’s too close to call and another recount cannot be ruled out!

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